Heaven is real!

Grief, peace & comfort video.  Below I’ve put together a collection of both scripture and near death experience videos.  It’s my hope that they may provide you some degree of comfort.  Personally each of these spoke to me, in one way or another.  I’m praying that the videos on this page may show you that our departed loved ones are somewhere far better and embraced in an eternal love beyond description.  You are not alone in your journey. Join us on Facebook at: Remember our Angels

Finding peace

After the loss of my daughter, I was very angry.  My anger even turned towards GOD himself. I didn’t understand why at 19 years old my daughter had to die. WHY? It was through my personal journey of grief that I found a lot of these videos. Other people’s testimony brought me peace and reaffirmed my faith in GOD.  I came to realize that my daughter, Caitlin, is in a much better place. In time I was able to let go of my anger towards GOD, and trust his plan again.

GOD’s Kingdom is REAL! – Grief, peace & comfort video.

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Pam Reynold Lowery’s near death experience. Glimpsing Heaven, was a book that helped me a lot after my daughter Caitlin’s death. One of the, life after death, experiences chronicled in the book was that of Pam Reynold Lowery. Pam was an Atlanta songwriter who was experiencing numbness in her fingers and recurring migraines. At first …
NDE Today Show NDE or (Near Death Experience) is what some people report experiencing while dead. It can be confusing because there really is nothing near death about it. The majority of people who have these experiences are quite dead. Like, Barbara Bartolome, in this excerpt from the Today Show. Barbara was brought back from …

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